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The Kabat Law Firm offers sound and knowledgeable legal assistance to clients throughout Northeast Florida.  We specialize solely in creating estate plans for clients to help them protect, preserve, and transition their assets to beneficiaries once they have passed away. 


At the Kabat Law Firm we understand how important the client-attorney relationship is.  In order to fully assist our clients, great care is taken to getting to know each client personally.  We are committed to taking the time to get to know what the client is concerned about, and exactly how we can be of assistance to them. 


The need for an estate plan is essential to everyone, but no two clients are ever the same.  We strive to learn each client’s individual concerns, wishes, values, and goals.  Only by knowing a client personally, can the estate planning services performed by The Kabat Law Firm be personalized to the specific needs of a client.


For estate planning assistance from a firm that specializes solely in this area that you can rely on, contact us today to schedule a FREE estate plan consultation!

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